October 24, 2019

Do I Have Reason to Feel so Much Fear?

Katie F, 23

Several years ago I relocated to a new town and was immediately struck by warnings of sexual assault. Shortly after moving I was verbally harassed when walking home at night, a few of my friends had been followed home and sadly a few acquaintances had been sexually assaulted. This wasn’t unusual. It was far too frequent. One night, I left a party early and my stubbornness coated with an inebriated invincibility cloak led me to walking home alone. Luckily nothing happened but with my keys jammed through my fingers as a defense and having sprinted home, I wanted to explore this impending fear instilled into every woman. Getting home safely without any obstacles of harassment can feel like a game of luck. Not solely faced by women, however, I asked a male friend if he ever ran home out of safety and he looked befuddled as though that was out of the question. Being an independent woman yet feeling paranoid about every stranger walking behind is powerfully undermining. I question as a female identifying human, if anywhere can really, truly feel safe and if this instilled fear should be accepted as a part of the nature of our society.

Clickety Jab Jab Click, 2019