Charcoal, Pastel On PaperInundate, 2020

Clouds present a meteorological meditation moment. In the expanse of the sky, are clouds merely atmospheric phenomena or projections of our liminal self ? 2020 brought with it a blanket of indiscernibility and instability. My way out was the window, the azure sky, and the clouds. I stood by the window, pushed and pulled in various directions, transitioning into the realm of in-betweenness. A landscape so complex and ambivalent that familiar figures turned into images of chance. The more I thought about the liminal spaces I inhabit, the more I was drawn to the clouds. It was as if they metaphorically represented the indeterminant mind in a state of flux. My piece therefore is a conversation piece that uses clouds as evocative items; objects I think through. Through expressive drawing I respond to the subjective experiences of navigating the liminal landscape, my mind currently inhabits. The context of existing in liminality is often characterized by turbulent movements, clashing of identities and a separation from the known. This piece is an embodiment of such subjective experiences that shape my memory of in-betweenness. In this state of transition the desire to open up and feel more deeply has become stronger than ever.