August 28, 2019

Do broken homes create broken people?

Sam Begbie | Joe Doyle, 20 | Mairi Therese Deighan, 22 | Thomas Starkie, 24

Audio-visualThe Wa', 2019

This work is a meditation on the experience of growing up in a ‘broken’ family.

It’s lyrics reflect on the dissolution of the traditional family, and how divorce can present barriers to receiving love – leading to despair, then anger, then ultimately to behavioural and emotional instability.

We sought to visually represent the child’s attempt to understand their parents’ relationship, and reveal how the inevitable ambiguity of the situation and can plague otherwise positive experiences of childhood and youth, such as play and exploration, with an underlying sense of ambivalence and doubt.

In addition to the theme’s personal relevance, we feel that the questions it poses are especially relevant in society: in the UK, 42% of marriages end in divorce, a success rate that should make us question the validity of this union in its present incarnation.

We hope our musical arrangement contrasts the sadness elsewhere in the work, and hints at a solace found in art by individuals or families who are hurting. The musical arrangement hopes to tie the lyrics and visuals into one understandable narrative, and become a parallel for art as a framework for considering the transcendent meaning that intertwines our tragedies, blessings, and responding creative pursuits.