April 14, 2021

Do Artists Have The Right To Draw Their Inspiration From Nature Without Fulfilling Their Responsibility To Protect It?

Lorna Zanre

AcrylicNature; Do You Hear It Calling?, 2021100cm x50cm

“How Dare You” wept Greta Thunberg addressing the UN Climate Summit in New York, 2019. She was, and is, pleading with World Leaders to focus their actions on fighting Climate Change rather than on increasing their wealth by destroying our Natural World. With rights come responsibilities and it is no surprise that International Lawyers are currently collaborating to legally define the crime against Nature; Ecocide and urge the International Criminal court to recognise it . I am suddenly realising however that a large proportion of artists, including myself, draw inspiration from Nature. We benefit and earn, thanks so it’s wonder. With this right comes our moral responsibility to also be it’s Voice . With each social media post or advertisement we have a duty to remind ourselves and each other of its worth . To really respect it and not just admire it. We must shout louder as Nature’s representative to collectively make change. We are part of nature and are all interlinked . We must be more conscious of the art materials we use and packaging. Canvases, brushes , tools must all be from sustainable sources. If we don’t fulfil this duty : How Dare I, How Dare We.