January 4, 2020

Do artists become more, or less creative when they’re grieving?

Angel London

Mixed Media - Oil paining / acrylic / spray paint on wood panel.Johnny Cash "Joker", 201923.4" x 33.1"

Nothing provokes the artistic sensibility like grief. Many of us are blind to the realities of loss and mourning until we’re confronted with it head on. For centuries, artists have turned to their work to address feelings of anger, confusion, fear, sadness, hope and love. While no painting, photograph or object can ever mend the holes that materialise in our hearts, I found art to address my loss and to begin the healing process. When I create art I can connect and become engrossed in my work on a higher, more spiritual level and although the presence of loss and pain still haunts me, I focus on growth, both as an artist and as a person. My work reflects the trajectory from darkness to light and is mirrored in my work, provoking hope from the depths of my sadness after the loss of my child. The determination to fight against adversity symbolises my daughter’s short life and I strive to portray this within my creations.