Fire, 2019

This piece was born a month ago. It is a response to the Amazonian fires devastating central South America. Do you remember them?

This visual invites you to question our responses and our memory. Do we remember our own outrage? Do we find it easier to ignore catastrophe when it is closer to others then to ourselves? Would we act quicker if the same catastrophe was upon ourselves?

Our immediate response to catastrophe is rarely followed by action. One, two, three days in the news; then gone. Climate change is amongst the major issues to human survival and how we interact with our planet. Greta Thunberg is raising her voice across Europe and the wider world as the indigenous women of Brazil raised theirs a month ago.

I would like this piece will create an awareness on our, human, behaviour. I hope to raise the voices of those who we saw struggle, heard plea and yet did nothing.