Journey To Change - A Collection of Poems Written & Lived Over The COVID-19 Pandemic, 2021

I originally started down this path, not believing I could complete a book of poems or that the end result would help me process the trauma of being a Survivor of Racist Abuse, Homophobia and Sexual Assault. In the midst of the chaos of a pandemic and my life needing a safe space, I found deliverance and persecution in a small oasis in the Scottish Highlands. The written pieces of work & the accompanying photo from this place; shared with you begin the tale of my re-birth. When you have been persecuted for being who are, shot at, separated for your immediate Family for more than 25 years, and had to deal with the death of a mother and brother to cancer, a very close friend to the AIDS crisis and a very soul-destroying failed marriage, you start thinking does life have a purpose? I am still navigating my way to my envisioned slice of ‘happy’, hope you see that in my work. I write under the pseudonym Karlton. A. Armistad. Hope you enjoy the pieces and the pictures, thank you.