Mixed media, watercolour, inkDid I f*ck up?, 201923x30cm

Remember the last time you destroyed something important. It was a mess, and you felt like everything you touch is muddied. Like your hands are the darkest evilest thing in the world. Failure and accidental destruction is a universal human experience. Most of us do feel guilt over it. Whether we’ve destroyed a friendship, a plate, or ourselves. We all wish we could turn back the clock and save what we destroyed. That wish is impossible, the closet we can come is asking ourselves if we’ve ruined things and learn from the mistake. We try desperately to avoid making a blunder again and yet it’s inevitable we will fail again. However, we must forgive ourselves, sometimes in spite of the feelings of others and in spite of our own feelings that our hands are the most stained and soiled appendages to ever exist.