November 20, 2020

Developed to Decay?

Lily Davidson

Pencil on acrylic painted mdf board works (A2), Glazed ceramic worksDeveloped to Decay?, 2020

Visual impressions of natural forms in the world surrounding me are my inspiration. These works represent the informed interactions I have had with forms of nature, they are abstract amalgamations of my experiences. Interested in the play between duality and ambiguity of that which is emerging/dissipating, my works have a quality to them in both drawn and sculpted form which suggests varying stages of completion, or unfinish; his is my attempt to convey the uncertainty of nature’s future, and this is the space in which my work remains suspended. Sitting on the cusp of nature decaying at humankind’s neglectful, abusive hand, versus nature becoming, and thriving once more. The themes I explore in my practice are concerned in the direction of this globally facing question. The responsibility of the direction it falls into, is up to us all.