WaxDeprogramming Material Minds, 2022400 x 400 x 200mm

The thesis serves to explore making and freeing our minds conceptually from traditional materials in architecture. The initial explorations served to explore material in an abstract sense, in this case using wax and how additives changed its nature. The approach, rather than use ‘real’ materials, was to look at materials at the margin of architecture. Calling on the conceptual approaches of artists, notably the Arte Povera movement, the very nature of an appropriate material was questioned. This sense of freedom or breaking loose will become more and more critical as the construction industry seeks carbon free materials. The outcome can be regarded as a series of pieces almost sculptural in their physicality but the real lesson is in bringing a different attitude to specification; one that is more agile, more open to ‘what if we…?’ The body of work is composed of 31 samples. 31 samples made of wax. With 31 different outcomes. If we can reimagine 31 different outcomes just in wax, lets imagine the possibilities of all materials. There is a whole new world of opportunities. Lets explore material.