January 29, 2019

Depression, a stigma or a tool for self awareness?

Madi Things, 29

Many times one gets to ask oneself the BIG question: Who am I?

Often the answer varies depending on where we are in our lives; Sometimes we are happy with our self perception, but what happens when we are not? What if the answer to that simple question is not only unsatisfying, but also scary and dark…

As a society, we learn that only good is acceptable. We are trained to hide our flaws and pretend at all times that everything is not only fine…but GREAT!

Now more than ever, with the new technologies, perfection has become the new stigma. But we are not perfect, so what happens then? Whether You define yourself by your vulnerabilities, or you focus on your strong points and avoid as much as possible to engage with your weaknesses…

But how wonderful would it be if we could understand that what make us who we are is both of them? Flaw plus virtue make perfection.

Both sides of the same coin make a whole individual, with the complexities of its own uniqueness.

So when those dark answers arise, it is good to approach them with perspective; Understanding that those things are also part of oneself and accepting them will complete us.


Perfectly Imperfect
Charcoal, Photoshop