September 24, 2019

Dear Ex-lover are we more than plastic forks to each other?

Scoop Boyle

WordDear Ex-lover are we more than plastic forks to each other?, 2019

Dear Ex-lover you’re so much more than a plastic fork to me.

My entry is a letter I drafted to my ex-boyfriend who I haven’t seen in fifteen years. I wanted to get in touch with him initially to try and instigate some kind of reconciliation. Whilst writing I started to really think about my reasons for doing so. I started to consider my role in where things went wrong and the motivations behind actions taken all those years ago. I found it hard to comprehend the decisions taken in youth and importantly the disposable attitude adopted towards those relationships. We all now have a greater understanding of how irresponsible it was to use all those plastic forks, water bottles and coffee cups and it begs the questions did we throw away important people in our lives like they were plastic forks?

We understand the importance of reducing reusing and recycling should this also go for our relationships. Surely hearts and minds are as important to saving the planet. By saving our communities we save our mental well being and ultimately ourselves. Perhaps we should be reducing reusing and recycling our pasts and seeing again those we once held so dear.