April 27, 2022

Daydreams: Friend or Faux?

Eris Oxenfree

WritingDaydreamer, 2022Underneath the debate of our existence lay humans

In April 2022 a survey by LGBT Youth Scotland reflects a decline in happiness for LGBTI+ individuals in Scotland. In this work I set the intention to share my thoughts and feelings to reflect this. How I am impacted by my mind, my perspective and navigation of life. Three exhibits. I am struggling as a human and Trans woman in Scotland. I’m a maladaptive daydreamer, this reconstructs my perception of time and reality into an escapist fantasy, as explained in Exhibit A. I am afraid that I will be denied motherhood because I have to wait years, to prove as a grown adult, that I am sane enough to transition and undertake fertility preservation, as interpreted in Exhibit B. I am accepted by loved ones. But sometimes love languages don’t mesh well together and the consequences of that miscommunication is shown in Exhibit C. This was all to show the complexities of humanity and the human mind. Created in an interpretive way to encourage discussion over matters we may overlook and underestimate the impact of. No grant, award or commercial support assisted this project.