October 30, 2019

Dance Equals Freedom. Why?

Ellie McConnachie

The Freedom of Dance, 2019

My images explore the underlying of dancers being among us and how dance can make all of us feel free whether you’re taking part or just watching. Dance is so powerful that it can set off emotions in anyone. Dance affects everyone in its own special way. I also think photography is as powerful – so that is why I chose to mash them together. Personally, I have had a passion for dance ever since I could walk, therefore, being able to capture such a perfect moment of a position in relation the location is just beyond exciting for me. I also would love my work to spark ambition in people who are curious about what their bodies can do whatever age they are. We don’t stop dancing because we’re old; we get old because we stop dancing. As your body moves with music a relief is released throughout your soul that bursts with happiness and thankfulness for life. Dancing brings people together in a way that words could never do and I want my work to emphasise that. Winning this award would help me plant seeds of ambition in every single person who needs it.