November 16, 2021

Dae Wi Ken Fit It Is Tae Stravaig Onymair?

Scott Simpson

Oil on CanvasThe Moon Waxes, the Moon Wanes, 202126 cm x 21 cm

Sometimes, life isn’t about speed. Sometimes its about wondering what you have or have done or could do. Sometimes the best way to do that is to slow it down and feel a natural rhythm present within. If only there was some filter built into us, that we could rely on to bring that out and to the fore. Try experiencing the world around us at a walking pace. You never know what might hit you. Just walk for the sake of walking, no ulterior motive. An activity millions of years in the making, walking and bipedalism is gradually becoming defunct, an unnecessary event, something to be tolerated, endured, inconvenient, take the car. Rather, a walking pace is a crucial activity to our means of understanding nature and culture. In a blink of human existence, some forces in the world are to create a civilization that seeks to eradicate our ‘dependance’ to move at this pace. So many of our human experiences, our memories are being reduced to instances that fade as quickly as they form. Maybe a walk can do more for you than get you from a to b.

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