October 27, 2013

Cracks and Weeds

Teagan Tallentire | Ellen Macpherson


We chose the media of poetry and sculpture captured through photographs to explore communication through the ‘weed in a crack’ as a metaphor for new and possibly uncomfortable ideas, and also of the tendency of people to shun what doesn’t fit with what has already been established and to cover it up. The reader can choose for themselves whether the weed of the poem is a positive, negative or neutral introduction to the garden and whether or not the gardener and his controlling nature are acceptable.

Often, people don’t look further into cracks or negatively perceived ideas and hence fail to see the potential utility or beauty of them- the acceptance of an idea or how it is communicated depends on the initial perception of it. Social media, when perceived as a negative thing, may be covered over and shunned, sometimes by restrictive parents, sometimes by schools or sometimes even by entire countries. We believe that this is relevant for young people regarding social media because social media has entirely changed how ideas are spread and information is communicated from what it was like in our parents’ generation. 


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