July 30, 2020

Covid-19, did we do everything we could?

Kayleigh McGuinness

MixedTear and Repair, 20201500x100x3.5cm

This painting is intended to be read by conceptually through the colour, texture and materials. It displays the frustration, helplessness, and gratitude I felt as Covid-19 swept through our country. In a hint towards our Conservative Government, I used royal tones and land-like masses of gold. These area’s are mostly uninterrupted, suggesting that those in wealth were perhaps, in comparison, less affected by the virus’ impact? Thick smudges of white paste smeared in an effort to cover something up. Perhaps the time it took for our Government to respond with PPE? I attacked this canvas with unexpected colours that don’t complement each other, deliberately preventing harmony. I thought of our PM’s comment for us all to ‘take it on the chin’ as I scored through the canvas with a blade. I felt the pressure on the NHS to survive. I spent days carefully sewing the canvas together as I empathised with NHS staff. I left a gaping hole in this work, just as Covid has with our economy. This work will raise conversation on how Covid-19 was handled by the government and will also highlight our NHS workers for the incredible work they have done for us during this time.