January 26, 2019

Could solitude be considered an essential or therapeutic practice?



My entry expresses and explores the value of solitude.

I would like to stress the importance of finding an interpersonal relationship with solitude, and the self by submitting this letter and free verse poem.

I feel that solitude brings forth the confrontation and awareness of internal strife. This confrontation coupled with creativity has the capacity to fulfil our inner capabilities and heal our minds of mental anguish.

I fear that solitude is not valued enough in today’s society and culture. People are relying on internal validation through the judgement of external entities, this much is clear.

I feel it to be drastically important that we look to find validation and value through the self. I feel it is very damaging to the general public, to subject themselves to the fruitless pursuit, of competitive social validation and interaction.

Loneliness is only the byproduct of our own unfulfilled potential.

I hope to direct individuals into the frightful confrontation of solitude, and the self.


An open letter to solitude