April 29, 2021

‘Could Garments Be Used As Providers Of Emotional Comfort?’

Elena Massari

Sewing, Designing, Photography, IllustrationEmoSPHERE, 20212D, 3D

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, measures as remote working and social distancing have effectively reshaped everyday life dynamics by limiting in-person contact solely to the most essential tasks and consequentially putting mental health and wellbeing under unprecedented strain. The necessity of finding new ways apt to provide comfort while in isolation has therefore risen. After a process of both creative and academic research conducted for my graduation project, inspired by my own emotionally challenging lockdown experience and analysis of how my own garments have helped me through the pandemic, I designed a collection of comfortable yet fashionable pieces incorporating features and trends, the latter specifically tied to how the pandemic has impacted our way of dressing, apt to provide the wearer with both physical and emotional comfort during lockdown. Specifically targeted to lockdown remote workers fighting against isolation but usable by anyone experiencing the same conditions, this collection hopes to shed light on the strong connection between fashion and its wearer’s mental health and the necessity to explore this tie further. Expanding our knowledge of this connection and its dynamics could prove useful also in our modern social context, already threatened by mental health issues despite the pandemic.