October 13, 2020

Could disrupting our expectations of the natural landscape help us to save it?

Michael Inman

Photographic CollageLand-Cut, 2020A3

The natural landscape has become something we take for granted, something we other, a peaceful escape from the noise of mankind’s empire of urbanisation. It’s a space we curate, keeping the beautiful and taming the disorder. We exploit the natural landscape with no consideration of it losing its ‘nature’, so long as leave the most beautiful and awe inspiring parts for us to enjoy. In our current era of climate change and looming environmental disaster, where every day a part of the world is quietly consumed, two questions come to mind. Why we view nature this way, and is this perspective allowing for the natural landscape’s quiet disappearance? This piece aims to challenge the natural visions we’ve created and disrupt them through the simple act of cutting. With new perspective and a landscape turned quite literally upside down, I challenge us all to think about how collectively we are quietly impacting the natural landscapes around us. The piece invites us to view nature differently, not as some entity apart from us, but as an integral part of us and our survival: a space to respect and preserve for what it is and not how choose we see it.