July 19, 2022

Could Bacteria Be The Key To A Sustainable Future?

Chloe Fitzpatrick

Bacteria, UV resin, Cotton, Agar platesGrowing Colour, 2022N/a

Could bacteria be the key to a sustainable future? One might look at bacteria and see no potential, see nothing more than gross, dangerous and dirty creatures. The truth is, the bacterial world has so much potential to create an eco-friendly, sustainable future, using its colour to naturally dye textile materials and other materials without any chemicals or to genetically engineer bacteria to become a material itself. Colours such as yellows, oranges, reds, pinks and purples can naturally grow from the human body and the world around us. Could you imagine a future where clothing materials and jewellery are dyed from bacteria? We have all these materials hidden under our finger tips, it is time we use it.