January 21, 2017

Connection Lost

Andrew Austin


Being a millennial, I’ve grown up with technology in my hands. I love my iPhone, and in many cases, some literal, I’d be lost without it. It has brought friends and family who are far, closer, and I can keep in touch simply by pressing a button. However, I’ve been developing a growing ambivalence to technology altogether. We’ve become enslaved by the freedoms of modern technology. We see too much through our retina displays, and not enough with our own eyes. Our touch screens have put us out of touch with what’s around us. Especially with nature. Our intrinsic connection with nature has been diminished to the point where we it as nothing more than a mere opportunity to get a good Instagram. I’ve tried to encapsulate these thoughts into this photograph, which I’ve named “Connection Lost”. It represents our frayed connection with nature, detrimented by our compulsive obsession with media. Perhaps one day we will pick up the phone again with nature, but for now, it’s left hanging.