March 20, 2017

Common Humanity

Rhona Sword


I think the value of ‘humanity’ is particularly important just now with all the discrimination that is happening in the world. My painting uses the fabric to show the barriers that are put up by society, whether that be religion, race, politics or identity, to separate people and even treat some as less than human. The face is bursting through from the fabric to show those barriers being broken down. Aren’t we all, in the end, people? We should all be united by our common humanity.

As well as humanity, I think that happiness is important and should be celebrated so I’ve used the rainbow colours here to show that it is joy that can help break down the partitions. If we can all just be content together there wouldn’t be so much of a problem as it’s anger and hatred that cause the rifts.

Despite that fact that we are constantly having walls build between us and other people, our personalities are what make us; not society’s pigeon holes, and these personalities come through from the barriers, uniting us all in our uniqueness.