June 24, 2022

Colours of My Mind

Tina Allan

Acrylic paint and fine liner penColours of my Mind, 2022A4

On the outside we all can look a certain way even if on the inside our heads are a wash with emotion and thoughts. Inspired to paint this during my long Covid recovery where I am learning to allow my many emotions to come and just go. To be in the moment and not to let my mind think too far ahead. When your health is taken from you and your world turned upside down you truly realise how powerful your mind can be. To try to be accepting of our emotions and thoughts but not to allow them to take over. We are in a world of uncertainty and difficult times – wellbeing is more important than ever right now. We need to be aware of this and be kind to ourselves. Be curious of “why” we are feeling a certain emotion but don’t fight against it just explore it and allow it to flow away. Art really has been my therapy through this long Covid. It has helped me to feel a little joy on the dark days. I started doodling again during the first lockdown and have fell in love with art again.