April 30, 2017

Colour is the Spice of Life

Alistair Kevan


To me one of the most important values that the John Byrne circumplex highlights is variety in life. My uncle once told me that in order to keep life exciting and therefor memorable, one must regularly experience things which are strange or scary, or in other words “Normally do what you don’t normally do.” This lesson is a worthwhile one and something I kept in mind when creating this image. My piece uses colour powder like that used in Dali colour festivals to add interest in the same way I feel variety does to life. For this image I used a select colour effect to draw the viewers’ attention away from the grass in the picture. This in a way is much like how variety draws our attention in our lives. That which is common and mundane becomes lost in the back of our mind and things such as love, passions, and first times are remembered over all else. This open mindfulness to new and different things is something I feel many could benefit from and is something I try to express through my work.


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