April 28, 2021

‘Childhood Is A Valuable Time But Can You Imagine Having To Look For It?’

Clive Grewcock

Cover Image - Pencil And Ink.Barry Quickly, 2021Poetry

There is an enormous section of society that needs continual recognition in order to highlight and understanding that years are lost as well as many opportunities. The distressing thing is that these lost years are the years of childhood because I am talking about young carers. Children as young as five years old are undertaking caring roles for a variety of reasons whether substance abuse in the household, financial hardships or through family illness. These youngsters don’t look for sympathy but understanding as they try to come to terms with their lives, lack of friendships and pressure from society to fit other things into their lives. This long form poem explores the feelings of young carer Barry Quickly, as a reflection in later years. The message is important and the visualisation created should remain with you to reflect upon.