December 27, 2016


Zuzanna Salamon


We live in never ending rush. Our relationships with relatives and society are disappearing. Sometimes our life is made of never-ending routine. We leave our flats, get into our cars, get to our jobs, exchange just a few generic greetings with pals. More and more often we use phones to talk with our relatives because we are too busy to find time to meet them. We hardly write letters, instead of Christmas cards we send emails or messages on Facebook.  We often even don’t know who lives in the flat next to us. Our grandmothers had knowledge which neighbour had a new baby, who was ill and who adopted a dog.  Neighbours used to exchange cuisine recipes, discuss bringing up children, help each other. Formerly, neighbourhood help was based on mutual politeness.  Neighbours took care of your child and watered your plants while you were absent. Now we hire anonymous people from anonymous companies. Rarely we see chatty grannies with smiles on their faces sharing information and news. This was what I wanted to show in my painting- disappearing human relations and simple joy of everyday meetings.