October 27, 2014

Castor and Pollux

Chris Connarty | Walter Kemp-Bruce


Our entry consists of a symbiosis of two figures, with each figure embodying distinct human values. One face represents the wealthy social elite of the developed world, while the other represents the destitute poor of the developing world. On the sculpture we illustrated virtues that we considered relevant to each figure using stylised text. The symbiosis of these characters is significant, as it shows that they are fundamentally the same. They are both human, only separated by social and economic divide. We are all taught certain values depending on our position within society, including us, and these values are what perpetuate the unethical nature of our society. We hope our sculpture forces one to reconsider the moral justice of one’s values. Primarily, our sculpture is about inequality, and through it we have attempted to show the immorality of the system that promotes this inequality. We both value equality of opportunity and compassion and believe strong values can create a better future.


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