October 25, 2013

Capture To Joy

Ursula Mandahar


My entry is a painting and a dance. After ‘coming out’ of the painting, I use dance to interpret the capture and imprisonment of Nelson Mandela and to explore how things can seem different from different viewpoints. The dance has four sections: the first shows driving because when Mandela was captured he pretended to be a chauffeur for someone else. The second part shows the anguish and violence of his capture. The third is the despair of imprisonment. The fourth is the joy and dignity of his walk to freedom. At the end of the dance the discarded mask represents leaving behind the sadness of imprisonment and looking forward to the future. I am inspired by Nelson Mandela and his story; by how all the stories about him are different from other peoples’ points of view but yet we know that everyone is the same inside. My painting and dance bring together these aspects.