April 21, 2017

Cape Fear

Florence Campbell-Gray


I created this cape as an exploration of anxiety. It looks at the struggle for security, a sense of belonging and the complexities of mental health which I feel is becoming a more relevant topic at this time.  
The main aspects of the piece are its contrasts and ambiguity that mirror the confusing view of situations that arises from anxiety. On one hand, the bright colours and floral patterns symbolise how we constantly control our presentation. The light-hearted appearance subsequently contrasts with the internal struggle. On the other hand, the blunt and searing text as well as the garment’s origin as a curtain portrays how we become overwhelmed and engulfed in our emotions, wrapping ourselves up and cutting ourselves off. 
What is important about these photographs especially is that they further twist the interpretation of the cape. What I show in each photograph with my pose and stare into the camera is that I am now in control and am literally wearing my past experiences like a badge of pride. By taking a curtain and using it to irreverently model the phrases used to disparage me, I metaphorically draw the curtains, shutting out the negativity I once felt.