October 29, 2020

Can’t we just look…?

Sally Grummitt, 49

I draw with pastels purely for my own pleasure (have no artistic aspirations), and it’s struck me that i’ll look at, or walk amongst, trees for the same reason. I love trees, particularly when they emerge in the Spring. Nowadays, an image of the natural world can be invested with a sense responsibility, a worry, for it; as can a walk in the woods or the hills. It can be hard to interact with, or think about, the natural world without an accompanying sense of its fragility. In rendering an impression of this particular tree, I just love the mindful moment – from seeing and photographing the subject, to creating the impressionistic image – of appreciating its beauty; colour, light and shadow, and its elementary purpose.

Tree triptych, 2020Pastel on paper29x42cm