January 9, 2017

Can’t Breathe

Lucy Bowman


My painting is called ‘Can’t Breathe’ and it is a piece I submitted for my Advanced Higher folio last summer. It is a portrait of myself trapped inside a huge bubble struggling to breath and despite it being open to interpretation this piece is meant to represent the feelings of pressure in trying to fit into the shape media and society want, and being so caught up in doing so you trap yourself in a bubble – which is symbolising all the pressures. I emphasised the bright coloured reflections on the bubble as I thought these were conveying all the different aspects of the persons – in this case my own – personality and how these are also trapped in the bubble because they won’t be shown if the person is trying to be a completely different shape and hide them. If I were to choose a value that this piece fits into I think freedom would be one that stands out the most because this painting is trying to learn how to live with the freedom to be you own person and not to follow what other people think you should be.