April 30, 2019

Can you unfurl without restriction?

Stephanie Whitelaw, 28

Everyday we move through space, we respond to every shape – form – colour and energy we meet. Just as the river shapes and shifts the land, the landscape shifts and shapes us- it moves us, softens us or harden us. The poetics of landscape is a moment is an invitation to the liminal – a momentary relation where we can unfurl without restriction. The work asks us to step into this space, where we meet nature, unfixed.

I am an installation Artist and Eco Therapist in training, working site specifically within both urban and natural space. Building installation inside and outside; I predominantly work with wood, stone, mirror, fabric and with the land itself. Reacting, rather than changing, my work attempts to harmonise and honour what is already here. The material is a way to converse with the landscape.

Following organic processes of ephemerality, fluidity and transformation my work attempts to make connections that are seen and unseen – revealing the threads that run through ourselves and our environment. I believe creativity is born out of Nature – we are all creative and Nature can help guide us back to our intrinsic selves. I am interested in the deep exploration of the self in Nature and what it evokes for us creatively.

The poetics of landscape
Giclee print

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