Oil Paint on Mdf BoardIteration, 202140x50cm

Reasoned? I’m autistic. In my experience, autism is a huge feeling, small language, vague orientations, weak processing…confusing. I’m always disadvantaged, e.g: the neuro-normative criteria of this submission. So I paint myself and all the different faces I must show or hide, depending on how you feel. You can read it from afar as my fuck-off face, or you can look closer and see more. I have a Fine Art degree, if that counts? Constructive? To those that have one, or are seeking one, I hope work of soul does matter. It is only coloured mud that has been pushed around on a bit of MDF, after all. What you see, or how it makes you feel is about you – not me. This is a mirror as much as it is my autobiography, so: be conscious. Compelling? No, my work is not conventionally well crafted, it is done in a temper of spirit. I don’t ever consider fancy materials, composition or ‘right’ color. I do not ‘think’. But yes, my work is unconventionally well crafted because I graft and graft to lay my heart open and be true to my knowing. Beauty (or ugliness) is in the heart of the beholder.