July 31, 2020

Can you see me?

Natalia Krezel, 33

The Invisible is a documentary project that focuses on drinking habits in the photographer’s hometown, a small post-communist village in the middle of Poland. It is about people that do not need /want much from life but somehow were let down and forgotten by society. The project Invisible was mainly inspired by Herzog movie Stroszek and its main character Bruno. People from the project have lots of similarities to the main character, Bruno. They occupy the lower rungs of the social ladder, but they have gold hearts and do not expect/need much from life, yet still the world, society rejects them and disappoints them. The harsh, oppressive society dehumanizes and negates the poor, addicts, and lower classes. The people I photographed are usually seen outside the liqueur store or stumbling on the street, and they are very often subject to the joke from other people from the community. Those people are usually passed by without anyone even noticing them (same as homeless, drug addicts found everywhere around the world). They all seem to be invisible, whether in Edinburgh, Los Angeles, or small post-communist Polish village.

Invisible, 2020Photography