October 1, 2020

Can you see it if you don’t know its name?

Jill Sives

Chalk, gladioli flower, slate, bark, sandstoneBalance of power., 202024x20x25cm

The materials in this composition were found and created over several years and locations: by the roadside, cliffside walkways, tree logging residue or simply grown in my garden, all from various sites in the UK. I find myself drawn to objects that have a duality. Often they will be organic items that have been altered in some way by human design yet retain a strong sense of material memory of their original form. In this arrangement I wanted to highlight a sense of balance, of an interconnected relationship between the objects and the methods that altered their shape. The sunlight also acted as a helpful collaborator, throwing sharp shadows and illuminations between the segments, helping them to be seen as something of a whole rather than separate entities. My intention was to use these arranged objects as a kind of vessel to reflect on and question our relationship to our surroundings. Worried, as many are, about the climate crisis I hope to create a dialogue exploring how intrinsically embedded we are within the landscape ecosystem rather than something apart.