May 15, 2021

‘Can You Say “No” to Fast Fashion?’

Laura Tobin

PhotographyCapsule Magazine: A Guide On Saying "No" to Fast Fashion?, 2021

Through the combination of fashion photograph, illustration and graphic design, Laura Tobin tackles the fast fashion industry by producing the Capsule magazine. With the intention of inspiring others to change their shopping habits, Laura creates a positive resource for young women advertising how to build a capsule wardrobe, up-cycle clothes, and ways of shopping sustainably. Laura has done an investigation into what sells fast fashion, focusing on the role those influencers play and she applied a similar visual approach to the magazine. To emphasise the element of community, Laura created a Capsule Instagram and online blog, which work as a safe space for the community to discuss and share advice. With Capsule magazine, collaboratively, we are saying No to fast fashion.