July 26, 2020

Can You Have An Empathy?

Gil Kozicka, 41

The current world has raised several debates about human behavior and prejudice is still in existence in the 21st century. The series The Circle of Prejudice, initially composed with 7 canvas, is a way to express the outburst before a society lived based on hypocrisy. The images generate reflective thoughts and perhaps empathy in different situations of everyday life. But the intention is really to get people to question themselves what is truly important to live with the acceptance of other people’s choices, based on respect. With the influence of Brazilian colors, especially the city of Olinda, Pernambuco, it is easy to find strong signs that are characteristic of the region. This mixture of social outburst with the country’s color, is an explosion of feelings with vibrant colors and, at the same time, transmits relevant questions to live collectively. My paintings follow a line of serial critical thoughts, translated into images created in colors and brushstrokes viscerally generated. I allow my flow of creation to manifest itself freely, without attachment to academic influences or technical concerns.

The Circle of Prejudice, Acrylic on Canvas50 x 75 cm