January 29, 2021

Can You Give Yourself A Break?

Irina Cucu

Acrylic On Watercolour Paper2021

I don’t want to make you think of topical horrors or the past or the future. I know there are a lot of important things happening all the damn time. But, how about just you with your reflection, eye to eye, for a moment or two? How about for a few minutes? How about without judging, just being? Maybe a moment of pure “I am experiencing the present” is something we all need to feel once in a while, away from thoughts and external stressors. Yes, kind of like meditation. Is it not important to try different ways of separating from your own solidified perspectives, so that you might cleanse your mental palette and just enjoy simplicity occasionally? I wanted to paint myself relatively quickly, without pressure for a perfect outcome, without a grand message. This is not a self portrait of cerebral self-reflection and self-analysis. It is a painting of how I spent some time with myself one evening, and I just let a painting be a painting, a reflection be a reflection and a painter paint. In your own distinctive way, I invite you to do the same.