October 9, 2019

Can you feel the wind?

Cécile Simonis

Wood and paperWind, 201965 x 60 x 80 cm

This is a mechanical piece. Turn the handle and you will make the central tree move, making the other trees move and creating a low sound.
This piece is about paying attention actively. By turning the handle, you create a chain reaction of movement and sounds and from the watchtower, you can imagine yourself looking at wildlife through the branches, noticing small changes, ‘uneventful’ events. It also represents the safe space in which the mind works. Inside the pavilion, sitting in the watchtower, watching thoughts being pushed by one another, creating patterns and understandings.
I really wanted to play with focusing, noticing and understanding as actions rather than passive states, and link them.Thoughts and sensations are often thought of as separate, like ourselves and nature, imagination and reality. In my experience, they are strongly interconnected. The meaning of the work is open, but I think that if you can feel the wind and feel your part in the workings of the world, imagine your thoughts as a natural place, dream, your understanding will change. And bringing experiences and changes of perspective, to me, is what art is about.