MusicBirch Trees, 2022

Inspired by our local woods and some photographs I took trying to capture them, I attempted to evoke the feeling, look, movement and light qualities of various groups of Birch trees within that relatively small space. The piece examines various seasons, times, weather and light conditions and how these amazing trees respond and give out atmosphere and light in a unique way. Walking in the woods and interacting with the shapes and spirit these trees create always makes you feel better, renewed, refreshed and uplifted.

The exact reason why is hard to express so I turned to music as a more fluent, fluid and abstract language to remind me of some of those moments and experiences where time seems to take on another dimension altogether. The piece explores different facets of the discovery and quiet, reflective pleasure felt when you happen across either a relatively small collection of Birch or a large area dedicated to one particular species. In larger numbers these trees display an outward architecture and ostensible unity but, when you look at the detail, you see and connect with their individualities and subtle differences – a highly recommended activity to lift the soul and spirits!