January 27, 2020

Can you come back to life after trauma?

Kirstin Baillie, 30

Can you come back to life after Trauma? Writing You’re still there aren’t you? Was a cathartic way of documenting the process of coming back to life after trauma. It’s ultimately about acceptance and the long confusing process that comes before accepting life as it is after the worst possible scenario happens. It’s about figuring out who you are while sifting through a saturated lifestyle pressure cooker that we are bombarded with daily, through T.V and social media. It’s hard to follow your own natural path whilst being bombarded with so many colourful ways to live your life. From my own experience and from talking to trauma survivors, there is always a lust for the self before trauma, the old care free healthy you that is no longer there. There’s a nostalgic rosy glow that shimmer’s when talking about the old self. Part of acceptance is leaving the old self behind. This took years and I fiercely resisted it as the new self can be a difficult place to inhabit at first. Acceptance liberated me and gave me room for some of my core self to come back and for the possibility for something new.

You're still there aren't you?, 2019