July 13, 2020

Can you be your own gardener?

Suzannah Farrell, 45

Self-reflection can lead to enlightenment of one’s mind and provide an introspective insight into clarity of thoughts.Recognising how we feel and trying to make sense of yourself. I’ve deliberately chosen to make my style simple to reflect that life that does not have to be an elaborate affair rather a show of tenderness with a touch of sunlight.What we want to do as opposed to what we feel we should do or who we should be.I explore the emotions through a reflective poem encompassing my experiences, that of people I know and from a society in general.Life has so many opportunities but yet we are clouded by the perspectives of others.We carry other people’s gardens in our head but who is our gardener,I examine the ability to know oneself ,to love and care for oneself.The mind is alive with the will to harvest but can we learn to separate the perception from the reality of our true self.

Do you really know yourself? Can you align with your true self?, 2020