April 29, 2021

‘Can You Be Confident Without Putting Everything On Display?’

Jenna Carney

Watercolour PensDrawing, 202030cm x 30cm

The peacock will only show their beautiful feathers for display when they want to. They cannot be forced. When peacock chicks are born their tail feathers are not fully formed until later in their lives, once they have had some time to grow. Once they are adults, after mating season, they shed their old feathers to make way for the new. This process symbolizes the rebirth and rejuvenation stage that the peacock will go through. Like the peacock, we can grow and shed what we no longer need. Allowing us to start again, reborn, and revitalized. Refreshed and ready to take the next steps on our journey. By evoking the spirit of the peacock, we can find our own personal power and courage to stand tall, believe in what we feel is right, and be true to ourselves, no matter what others may think. Everything will happen when it is meant to if we just trust the process. By connecting with the peacock’s energy, we are encouraged to follow our own path and step into our power. Watercolour pens were used for this painting to create in-depth detail and colour.