March 17, 2019

Can words obtain meaning?

Fiona Hollow, 23

I love words. Reading them, hearing them and learning them. But I am often struck by my incapacity to use words that describe what I feel, think and believe. Sometimes they are merely unnameable shapes, left unexplained.

Living in a globalised culture where noise is everywhere, our words can feel increasingly meaningless in the hubbub of sounds. And yet, many of us need to express the emotions we feel and our response to what is happening around us. Words rise up in our throats, overflow through our fingers onto paper or into screens.

This piece is about the catching of an outline and the constant struggle to provide meaning to inner reflections. Every time an idea takes hold, it drifts away. It’s the ebb and flow of thoughts and language, language and thoughts. A constant relationship that is in flux.