January 29, 2020

Can wisdom be taught?

David Fitzgerald, 48

I was in the doldrums. I saw no way out. I was merely bobbing, waiting for the winds to change. So, I read…and read… and read. The books helped. But I was still adrift. How did I resume sailing? By writing the following essay. Everyone goes through problems. In ‘How to be Wise’ I write about the ways in which we try to solve them. The essay explores the different stages of the search for answers. It describes the comedic frustrations and the surprising epiphanies that occur as we consult different navigators. It is an essay about the value of human connection that was created by a man lost at sea. It is about how we can eventually solve our problems. It suggests a method but not a solution. I think the only person with solutions is ‘Hindsight Lad.’ Not familiar with him? Then open the essay and let the words billow your sails.

How to be Wise, 2020