February 15, 2020

Can we work together to create a less judgemental, and ridiculing society?

Amy Brown

Darkened Society, 2020

I remember when I was younger, and I lived with my single mother. She was incredibly poor, therefore, I would always have to wear charity shop clothing and on most days not be able to shower. I won’t lie, I definitely looked liked a homeless person, which is for sure the reason I was constantly bullied in school. Then eventually, I was put into care, adopted and moved schools. I was treated completely differently, with respect (most likely due to my more clean, well dressed appearance). However, I witness others experiencing daily what I had to go through as a child. Do others have to judge and mock those who are different? Also, why do we choose to sit back and watch such vile behaviour? Is this what our society is coming to? I dearly hope not, but I just want to express how others are feeling during these moments, and the hatred that lives upon us. I also want to create a higher awareness. Hopefully, over time Scotland will be known as a place of acceptance and the schools a second home for students, but that is something we all have to fix together as a whole society.