January 31, 2019

Can we truly embrace life without first encountering death?

Ruaraidh Williams


Have you ever been close to death? How did it change your understanding of life?

Can we truly embrace life without first encountering the finality of death? Are we fully conscious of love until we’ve experienced hate? What about destiny and free will: is there a bold line between the two? Can we really appreciate wealth without first enduring poverty?

Life is fragile … and yet we are resilient. For every passing we experience a new awakening – whether physical or spiritual. Every exit becomes an entrance.

Loss is something we need to acknowledge and – more importantly – learn from. In the midst of grief, we find our way to a better place. We take our loss and create something new from it. When we lose someone we love, when we comfort a friend who is grieving, when we ourselves begin to fade: in the face of death, we discover the crux of life itself.



I wrote ‘Bleep!’ for cello, viola and flute at a composing course. It was performed live at The Barn (Banchory) by Red Note Ensemble.

Photo by Piron Guillaume