January 29, 2020

Can we thrive mentally amidst today’s greed, dishonesty & destruction?

Sharon Hiley

mixed media - recycled paper,wire, wood, branch, paper clay, beads, posca, wire, acrylic paintVisionary, 201833cm w x 19 cm h x 18 cm d

Survival and mental health issues are of the greatest importance in today’s society. It can be tough remaining hopeful when we are bombarded with constant negative news, the advertising of endless products, services & distractions in general! Unethical production of wasteful materials is a major concern to me as an artist (and human being.) It frustrates and bewilders me as to why large companies are continually producing products and materials that cannot be recycled in some way! My mentality inspires me to create something from nothing and I get great satisfaction from producing and re-purposing my own materials. Recycling paper to create pulp for sculptures gives the opportunity to bring beauty to waste. Re-used / gathered wood, metal, packaging and paper are all included in my work. As well as material selection, the process of creation is also an extremely important factor. Here is where I balance my own mental well-being through artistic expression. My work is very instinctive and unfolds naturally through the magic of exploration. My work shows respect for nature and the planet, combined with a will to survive and thrive through igniting a divine spark which emerges into various forms filled with hope and expression!