This piece is about my personal experiences relating to anxiety. Experiences such as this are common, but it seems to be rare that anyone wants to discuss them. There is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health, in fact it is affecting more and more people, as social, academic, and work-related pressures increase, alongside a constant shift towards online platforms, meaning that it is hard to disentangle personal and public aspects of daily life. I write fairly often about anxiety and mental health, ironically enough on instagram, as I feel that if more people do so it can be seen as the common issue it is, which in turn could open up discussion around it. In this particular piece, I am trying to convey what it feels like to transition out of a panic attack. I spaced the words according to the ebb and flow of receding emotions and with the intention that whoever reads them will have to do so in such a way that they can get a feel of what it can be like.